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Moertens is the only book torrent site that has books for free, without any limitations. The e-books are of various genres including, children books, Drama books, horror books, best sellers, E-books, Science Fiction books, Graphic books, Movie books, and many more. You may even find a book for any topic you like, it just takes a few clicks.

Want to download e-books for free with no sign-up or registration process? Then Petits Books is the right site for you. In fact, its a great site if you need to download e-books on the go. The interface is simple and easy, which is great to use if you are a novice. The search facility for e-books is quite good. You can filter search results by topics and many other criteria, which is quite handy.

The latest releases are put up on free torrent downloads on BitTorrent and various other websites. However, the issue is that sometimes you get scammed and other times the uploader puts up a virus or malicious code. Other popular sites are Pirate Bay, 1337x, Skidrow, RUTracker and OpenBitTorrent. If they publish a lot of software and games, you could make this website your best choice. Check out our list of the best Torrent websites.

The website gets its name from the ISO 639-2 code for Romanian. This site was started in 1997 and is well known among users of torrents. Because of a large amount of torrents available, the site is considered as the best torrent site available. On top of that, the site hosts games of various genres. All of these properties make the site unique from the rest of the torrent websites.


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