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Description Welcome to the New Smartstock! Smartstock’s new interface is clean, easy to navigate and easy to use. There is no clutter in the system, just performance, in the form of Stock analysis. As you can see in the screenshot, the new interface brings the main areas of the Smartstock application onto a single screen: *E-Mail Alerts* => Get alerts when the market is going up, down or sideways by sending a personal e-mail to any of the subscribers. *Reports* => Analytics and reporting for any of the stocks in your portfolio. It’s important to be able to see how your portfolio is performing and also to compare it with the average performance of the market, since volatility means profit. *Stock Advisory* => Find out why a stock is outperforming others, and why it should be part of your portfolio. *Record Tracking* => Record multiple trades for any of your positions in the market, and then compare it to the sell/buy recommendations of the software. *Stock Radar* => Find the stocks with the most potential for outperforming, based on the buying power of your portfolio. *Investor’s Analysis* => The “ins” and “outs” of your investments. Why is this particular stock doing well? Why are its peers doing poorly? *Exchange Alerts* => If you own equity (stocks) of exchange listed companies, you will get emailed alerts for the stock price movements. *Portfolio Analysis* => Create a new portfolio, or edit any existing portfolio. See what your holdings are worth at any given time, and also how they are doing in the market. *Build Portfolio* => Smartstock will help you build a portfolio. You can either build your own or choose from our curated lists of the best performing stocks. *Portfolio Backtest* => Run history analysis and compare your portfolio to the Stock Market, using the backtest strategy. *Analyze Stock* => Analyze any of the Stock Statistics for a list of all of the stocks in your portfolio. Compare the results with all other stocks in the world. *Buy Stock* => You can buy a stock from Smartstock or you can choose stocks from a pre-assembled list, should you want to construct a portfolio based on selected stocks. *Research Buyers* => Make a list of all of your current holdings and find out

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Smartstock is an efficient, economical investment tool that empowers you to follow a well thought out investment strategy. It contains a well tested, back tested and proven system, developed by well known stock analyst Robert Lichello. You decide what sort of investment portfolio you want to follow. Smartstock then studies your entire investment history, analyzes the market, and shows how you can invest in the most profitable manner. Smartstock allows you to utilize your computer’s excellent graphics capability, to precisely pinpoint the price at which to buy and sell each of your stocks or mutual funds. You have the option to buy stocks with no need to be physically present at the exchange. You can automatically rebalance your portfolio on a daily basis or whatever frequency you specify. You can also choose to buy stocks at round price increments, or buy in pieces so that you can be sure that you’ll have the shares you need. From holding your entire portfolio to buying and selling in smaller increments, Smartstock does all these things. You decide how you want to use the software. Smartstock can be used to manage any kind of investment portfolio, whether your investments are stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Smartstock is intuitive, easy to use, and utilizes the latest stock charts and technical analysis from technical research institutes to pinpoint optimum price level for buying and selling. You can automatically generate portfolios based on your investment goals, and then manage the entire portfolio with minimal effort. Smartstock includes the powerful feature of being able to back test your portfolio for large lengths of time using your unique computer’s graphic capabilities. You can create up to a five year back test in less than 5 minutes. Simply specify the period of time you want to back test and Smartstock takes you there. You can compare your portfolio with the investment results of a buy and hold portfolio. Note: The features here are the same features that have been well tested and used by Robert Lichello in Smartstock over the past 30 years. This is the “Original” version of the software. The latest version contains even more features and more tools for investors! You can be fully assured that the contents of the software are examined time and time again by Robert Lichello and others who will use their feedback to make the software better. You get five powerful tools, designed to optimize your investment portfolio. You get these tools in a easy-to-use package, so you can quickly navigate to exactly what you need without knowing how the software 2f7fe94e24


Smartstock contains Stock advising and analysis applications for the Indian stock market NSE. Are your investments giving you the financial security you want and need? Are you happy with your returns? Are you minimising your risk in the markets? An effective investment strategy is all about following a proven, disciplined, well thought out plan. And Smartstock offers you all this in one easy to use software system. It’s based on Robert Lichello’s best-selling book on Automatic Investment Management (or AIM). This is the same Million-copy best seller that’s been in constant publication since the 1970s and is currently in its fourth edition. It manages all your investments, whether they’re mutual funds, stocks or bonds. You research and choose the investments that go into your portfolio, Smartstock then takes over to efficiently manage your holdings. With Smartstock, you’ll know exactly when to buy, sell and hold your investments. You’ll also know the precise price at which to buy and sell. There’s no guessing or speculating You’ll profit from Smartstock’s crystal clear recommendations, and lack of time won’t be an issue because it takes less than 10 minutes a day to update your entire portfolio. In fact, many users take about 2 minutes daily to update everything! Smartstock also offers you the power to back-test thousands of stocks and mutual funds with just a few mouse clicks Run historical analysis and compare results with the buy and hold strategy effortlessly. In fact, up to 5 years of daily historical data can be analyzed in less than 5 minutes. More than 6000 BSE stocks with stock code has been included into the software. Smartstock Designed for Indian Market BSE Only. What’s New in This Release: Tecncial analysis addes Smartstock Description: Tecncial analysis addes 3.5 Smartstock Smartstock Description: Smartstock contains Stock advising and analysis applications for the Indian stock market NSE. Are your investments giving you the financial security you want and need? Are you happy with your returns? Are you minimising your risk in the markets? An effective investment strategy is all about following a proven, disciplined, well thought out plan. And Smartstock offers you all this in one easy to use software system. It’s based on Robert Lichello’s best-selling book on Automatic Investment Management (

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Stock Advisory and Analysis Tool – like the FAZ Securities, Stock Market Analysis Tool, Lazy Investor, Meta Trader of financial Stock Market, E-trader, Meta Universal OTC and Meta Universal-OTC Plus products, Smartstock is one of the best value products available for the Indian Stock Market. Unlike most Stock Market Products Smartstock is completely free. Smartstock helps you to be a Stock market Professional within days by providing you a detailed stock market analysis in real time, in simple, clear and concise manner. This tool is perfect for any type of investors. Stock Market Stock market is an investor’s paradise. It has a potential of building up a new sector. It has to offer people all the facilities to trade as per their choices.Smartstock helps you to reduce the risk by providing unbiased stock market analysis and analysis. Smartstock offers you to buy and sell stocks like a professional, with an investment strategy that can get you great returns and ease of trading. Stock Market creates a new world of opportunity, where the retail investor can take advantage of the large capital gains. The Stock Market and Intelligent Trading have always been a closely linked pair in the history of Stock trading. At the core of the Stock market is the Stock Trading. Thus, the majority of the products in the Stock market are offered by Stock Trading Companies. Stock Market (ST) can be defined as an institution where money is exchanged for a long-term claim of ownership in an object. It is the business that exists only by means of the activity of buying and selling the financial instruments – shares, securities, commodities, etc.Stock Market Trading includes many factors like In the Stock market, Market Trading Strategy (MTS) is a discipline which is exercised by an investor to reduce risk and increase portfolio returns (Zheng et al, 2000). There are many reasons for using a market trading strategy in Portfolio construction. It allows the investor to create a portfolio which is the most appropriate mix of stocks. It allows the investor to select a portfolio that requires less selling in difficult markets or a portfolio that requires more selling, as market conditions change. If an investor can identify an MTS that makes sense to her in terms of trading style, it is essential to have a disciplined approach to investing that can be translated into a plan that can be executed and can be reviewed on a consistent basis.Smartstock provides stock trading tips, stock technical analysis, stock market stock tip and stock market forecasting, stock market news, stock market stock alerts, stock market stock charts, Indian

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 Processor: 1 GHz processor Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: Compatible Direct3D 11.0 device and supported display Hard Drive: 15 GB available space Network: Internet connection Additional Notes: The application is optimized to run on lower system requirements, but there are a few things you should note if you try to run on the lower end. First, make sure that you have at least the DirectX11 framework

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