With great love and appreciation always, I dedicate this website to the memory of my teacher, my mentor and my dear friend, Sandy Beam. Mr. Beam recognized the spark of my love for music when I was an 8 year old who added harmony to the songs he was teaching in his second-grade music class. (Our Dad worked out of town and Mom was home-bound due to the constant care of an older sister, handicapped from birth.) And because he cared, just as he went “above and beyond” for all of his students, Mr. Beam drove me home after piano lessons and picked me up for countless Ensemble rehearsals. He made a way for me to attend all things music-related whenever his taxiing was required. Whatever musical opportunities I had in grade-school and well into my high school years, Mr. Beam was at the center of them all. He made it possible for me to participate when I would not have been able to otherwise! He even drove a few of us to his own voice teacher in Greensboro for quite some time on a regular basis. I truly am forever grateful to God for allowing me to be a student of Sandy Beam’s rich and so very talented musical mentorship.


“This website is less about me and more about what I am SURE God placed me here on this earth to do. That is to spread the light of His love through music. I see it as “my blessed responsibility“. –A blessing I have been quite passionate about since I first sang in church at the age of three years old, (possibly even before then), although the “responsibility” part was to become clearer in time.


Welcome!! Although I am nobody famous, I have been “FAMOUSLY BLESSED” to have worked with or alongside many names you would likely recognize, from several Country Music stars — Sawyer Brown, Jeanie C Riley, Bill Anderson, Mel Mc Daniel & more, to well-known gospel groups, The Hoppers and The Dixie Melody Boys to Christian Dove award winners, The Nelons (including Karen Peck), The Easter Brothers and others. Many other of my fondest blessings though, include working with musicians, singers and songwriters who were not pursuing full-time music careers for various reasons – (work/family obligations/etc.) but who, none-the-less, in my mind & heart’s opinion, certainly were/are talented enough for such accolades.

Yes, I have been BLESSED much more than I ever deserved to be and I am grateful for all those blessings, but how I Thank God also for these most basic, life-shaping blessings, –to have grown up in a Christian home with 5 other siblings and to have come to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at a young age.

God’s gifts of mercy and grace are His ultimate expressions of love for us! Though I am far from perfect, and I still make mistakes daily, His gentle whispers in my heart remind me that He loves me and that He will walk with me through all of life’s pathways. And He assures me that when I cannot stand, He will even carry me through! So I want to honor Christ in my daily life by reaching out to others through my blessing meant to be shared. We all have one, you know. Mine is music! I am only one, but I know that if I am willing to do my part to encourage others, God will be sure that the person needing to hear my music does so.

Life today is hard! Fear and anxiety have become common in every family. People everywhere are facing unprecedented hardships. Circumstances beyond our control have us stressed to the max!

…But we must remember in the face of these trials that GOD IS GREATER than any problem or fear that we might face! (Knowing that music speaks to my own heart like nothing else can), I plan to make this website a happy place of encouragement to anyone who cares to visit. That encouragement could come through Christian music, or it might be through music that isn’t strictly “gospel or Christian”, but that does, however have an encouraging message. It might be an old song from any genre that has stood the test of time, or it could even be through a story or blog entry. Hopefully though, in whatever form, these entries will, at the very least, bring a smile to your face.

I hope that my offerings here will serve as reminders to all of us that God is always near, that He knows our needs and He hears our prayers. May we never forget that we can find peace and protection in the shelter of His loving care whenever we call upon His name. 

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