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0Q: Get a File’s Extension After Download (local files only) There are quite a few questions on the subject, which is a different question, but not an entirely new one. I would like to get the extension of a file, which is in my c drive. If it’s a local file, I only need to get the extension using the PathSeparator. However, for networked files, the PathSeparator is not respected, and I need to get the actual extension. How do I do this in C#? A: Use string theFile = @”c:\path\to\my\file.txt”; string ext = Path.GetExtension(theFile); The Path class was created in.NET 3.5. As @Pete mentioned, PathSeparator and PathSeparatorChar are now obsolete. They were not used in the File class, so that class will not replace them. Note that: // The string ‘” on Windows is equivalent to ‘/’ in Linux, Unix and Macs string pathSeparator = Path.DirectorySeparatorChar; So, to retrieve the file’s extension for a Linux, Unix or Mac, you should use the default separator (‘,’or ”, but not ‘/’). Edit The PathSeparator property is obsolete. Use PathSeparator instead. A: Take a look at Path.GetExtension: string filePath = @”C:\myFile.txt”; string fileExtension = Path.GetExtension(filePath); A: You can do this in C# for extension. string extension = Path.GetExtension(fileName); If you want to get the extension for network (Internet) source. Use the PathSeparator, which is the part of the path delimited by forward slashes on Windows systems. This works for any platform. String pathSeparator = Path.DirectorySeparatorChar; // char, not string. Q: Create update environment variables for Vagrant I’m trying to create a Vagrant enviroment for Xampp development so I don’t need to constantly download Xampp again when I change my mind about the paths that I want to use in the my applications. d0c515b9f4

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