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An in-depth look at FIFA 22 gameplay As mentioned, we just started releasing information about the upcoming FIFA title, but we wanted to give you an exclusive look at the trailer and gameplay information we have available to us so far. The new game will be available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will release worldwide on September 2. FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay. This technology allows players to run, tackle, dribble, intercept passes, and deliver short passes naturally and easily, as if they were running on the actual pitch. Players will need to master these techniques to gain the edge over their opponents. A brand-new skill-based “Sprint” feature will allow you to run, and perform precise dribbles, precise passes, and precise shots with ease. The new “Hover,” “Wall,” and “Wrist” controls allow for greater precision when passing, shooting, and volleying. We have a brand-new Career Mode with dedicated team management and brand-new ways to develop your players and manage your squad. We have created four All-Star teams – the Golden Team, the Silver Team, the Bronze Team, and the Practice Team. These teams are made up of players from around the world. They will provide you with expert tips and advice, and will test your skills with special challenges. And it doesn’t stop there. We have an All-New Career Mode called the Carribean Game that sets the standard for all FIFA challenges. The Caribbean Games requires players to adapt their tactics to the type of challenges they face as they progress through the qualification phase. Those who qualify for the finals of the Caribbean Games will face other teams, in regional knockout tournaments, in their quest to win the Gold Medal. “Caribbean Game” includes all of the features of a FIFA 16 All-Star Game, but also offers several extra challenges in both a Local and Online Seasons. Carribean Game modes are accessible in Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and FIFA Ultimate Team. In FIFA Ultimate Team, one of the most important aspects to play your cards right is


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • HyperMotion Technology for increased realism on and off the pitch
  • All-new FUT Champions Mode for Ultimate Club Masters
  • Dynamically shapes and resizes rival stadiums, players and managers to fit the best team in the world
  • Improved new additions to MyPRO


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Most important football game of this generation. What is FIFA Ultimate Team? Build your Ultimate Team and compete in the FUT Champions Club. What are the main features of FIFA Ultimate Team? Build your Ultimate Team. Compete in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues. Buy, sell and trade in real-time. Play online with real people. What are the innovations for Ultimate Team? AI Intelligence – Every team has specific tactical and play styles, learn how each team plays with real-world data. Self-Locking Player Data – Reputation effects become permanent, players will play differently depending on who you play against. In-Game-Events – Player emotions change, goals become more likely, unspotted mistakes happen. Dynamic FIFA Ultimate Team Combos – Players change formations and play styles, this changes the outcome of the game. What are the innovations in Ultimate Team Leagues? League Play – Create your own leagues to compete against others, select the setting you like best. Score Mini Goals – The goal you score counts more, scoring a soft goal will score you more points. Fake Goals – Score a soft goal and change the result of the game by creating a false goal. Individual Goals – Score a goal with your team, the opposing goalkeeper will come on and score a goal for your team! What are the innovations in the Skill Games? Chance – Try to score more goals, lessening the chance of a penalty kick. What are the innovations in New Play Styles? Team-mate Control – Directly control your team-mate, whether they shoot, pass, dribble, run or take a corner. Team-mate Attack – Your team-mate shoots, passes and controls the ball. What are the innovations in Sticker Packs? Get ready for epic battles between the world’s best football teams. Build the ultimate squad. Relive great moments in history. What’s New in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues? All 24 clubs from the world’s top leagues are now in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues. What are the innovations for FIFA Ultimate Team League? Make the most of every match! Complete all of your custom content in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues. bc9d6d6daa


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Collect and develop your FUT Pro team as you compete in an all new game mode that lets you take the reins of a team from from youth up. Make the best call on which players and formations will take your team to the top of the ladder, all while selecting your next moves down the road. Over 30 authentic players, including superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and a variety of authentic real-world teams. The ability to train your team, research and learn tactics, choose from four authentic stadiums, and tune your team’s style of play. ONLINE CONNECTION MODE – FIFA 20 introduces Online Connection, an additional online mode that makes available access to all the game’s online content. New features include: The Ultimate Team mode’s auction house is replaced with a skill-based auction. The auction is now a direct representation of the players you can acquire in real life. You can instantly add players to your squad using an easy-to-learn skills-based auction interface. New tools to connect with other players and manage your teams’ success. Players and club legends are now directly available through the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team store, including Ronaldo, Messi, and other top stars. SENIOR PLAYERS – TEAM MANAGER – Design your fantasy senior team, built from the top players in real life and select from five authentic national team kits based on the team your favourite player wears. Play in a new game mode called Senior Players, a return of our popular Experience mode. Chosen by FIFA’s players for their technical quality and performance. Get to the final by taking a team featuring the very best and competing in the most competitive mode in FIFA. Dated with an emphasis on style and performance, both performance and style are rewarded in the game modes that focus on them. With over 600 new and classic stadiums from around the world, it’s the most complete and accurate depiction of the real world that fans have ever seen in a video game. New Pro Player Performance System and enhanced pressing. NEW NIGHT GAME MODES Night Training – Go out and play with or against FIFA’s masters of their craft using our all-new Night Training mode. Play with or against experienced FIFA coaches in this new game mode that provides a unique take on the everyday game. Practice winning the Champions League, the best head coach or simply master your craft


What’s new:

  • The Community
  • The World Cup
  • Customise your Clubs even more
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • New World Cup Kits
  • UEFA Champions League – Standout Player Awards
  • New Broadcast Features


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[Start your journey as new manager Antonio Conte and the new Juventus team with EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Career Mode.] FIFA 19 brings to life the drama and intensity of playing the world’s number one sport, including the most authentic, immersive and socially connected FIFA gameplay to date. Experience all 21 clubs and more than 200 players in Career Mode, with an all-new Season Journey – your story as a manager and your formation of your club. The new Dynamic Tactics experience allows you to take control and turn your tactics on and off as the match unfolds, with an immersive game engine that gives you even more ways to impact gameplay. Dynamic Pro Events bring out the very best of FIFA 19 to create major turning points in matches, and you are always surrounded by your fans and your players in the most complete social experience ever in FIFA. EA SPORTS FIFA 19 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. [Get FIFA Ultimate Team in The Journey Mode.] FIFA Ultimate Team is now more accessible than ever, with an improved UI, the most immersive Collector’s Journey experience yet and new features including the ability to issue FIFA’s equivalent of stadium bans for players who are playing badly or not celebrating enough. Play against your friends and clubs through The Journey Mode or create your own custom team in Franchise Mode to compete in tournaments online. EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team features up to 4,000 players and 2,000 teams. The FIFA 19 Ultimate Team card pack will be available for free to FIFA Ultimate Team players, while the Ultimate Team Champions packs will cost $99.99 USD / €79.99 EUR / £59.99 GBP. A free FIFA Ultimate Team FUT Legends pack is also available for all FUT players. EA SPORTS FIFA 19 brings EA SPORTS GameDay, with the ability to play and coach simultaneously. The new Clutch System gives you a much more meaningful control over your team’s pressure and tempo on the pitch. Maneuver tactics around the pitch with a new Tactical Free-Kick function and shape an attacking shape around the pitch with shape cards. FIFA 19 also brings Hyper Realism – a host of new features that deliver even more depth and realism to gameplay. Players are more responsive and accurate to your touch, and collisions are now more intense, physical and unforgiving. Players also breathe more realistically in air and react to the actions of players around them. [Choose and customize your very own player with the all-


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