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A: You need to download the libraries like libsqlite3-0 This is a sample code of how to download/install the libraries. Try this and see if it works pip3 install sqlite3 pip3 install libsqlite3-0 Q: EF4 / CodeFirst – Getting “an object with the same key already exists” when updating table record I have a problem when updating a table record with Code First. Scenario: I have a table (let’s call it MyTable) with a primary key (PK) field (for example: [Prop1] and [Prop2]). I have another table (let’s call it MyOtherTable) with a field matching the PK from MyTable. I have a one-to-many relationship between MyTable and MyOtherTable. Context: I have a context (let’s call it MyContext) created using the code first method that corresponds to MyOtherTable. The context is working fine, I can insert, update and delete (with a one-to-many relationship) without any problem. When I want to update a record in MyTable and I set the PK field to 0 (zero), I have a strange problem (although it’s weird…): After the update, the record from MyOtherTable is in the database, but it’s as if the PK field had a value greater than 0… And everytime I do that I get this exception: “An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager.” I’m using Code First, EF4 and a SQL Server 2008. A: I found a solution to this problem. First: I made a class to represent the PK of MyTable. Second: I made a query to find out which records to update. In the query I made the correct updating class (from the solution) but I replaced the primary key from MyTable with the PK of the row I want to update. This should work : public int Update(TEntity item) where TEntity : IEntity { return from p in this.ObjectContext.Items where p.ItemType == typeof(TEntity) && Equals((TEntity)p.Item, item) 0cc13bf012

8d3a659e3b1While it might have been common knowledge to thousands of MMO players, this was one of those rare gems that flew right under the radar. Rifts or Clusters were zones of low-grade space anomalies that were eventually phased out. If you’ve ever jumped from a space anomaly, you’ve probably experienced a cluster. Clusters were a big part of my MMO gaming experience, and often the source of much derision. They were usually accompanied by the trademark “rrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooow!”. Rrroooooooooow. As if to say, “Look how crappy this space is.” “Oh, they just say rrrrrrrroooooooooow.” No, they were space anomalies that were difficult for normal players to navigate. A bit like slipknots, they’re really nasty for you if you “run into” them. The rrroooooooooow was to attract your attention. Wait, I mean, the rrroooooooooow was to alert the residents that you were about to run into an rrroooooooooow. Rrrooooooooooow. It was also annoying on numerous occasions. Once I lost a game because my ship failed the rrroooooooooow jump checks and I had to sit around forever in the center of the cluster, waiting for the ship to recover, all the while being slowly damaged by debris that came along with the rrroooooooooooow. Another time, I managed to gather some of the gear I just spent a few weeks collecting in order to upgrade my own ship and shuttling back to the cluster. I managed to get to within 100 meters of the cluster, only to be pulled over by some nasty rrroooooooooooooooow. And the final time, it was a well-known fact that the cluster was the location of a rrrooooooooooooow. And my friends were teasing me about it. Once I managed to jump out of the cluster, I couldn’t get back in because the cluster teleported me over to the cluster. I was frustrated. It was the worst cluster jump I’d ever experienced. “What the f*** does this cluster do?” “Oh, they just say rrrrrrrroooooooooooow.” Lethal Asteroids


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