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Gregory. Rev:. W. T. Enigma 1859: A Mission to Central Africa(1926). The Enigma of Malice. By Charles Waterton. The Story of a Study in the Sierra Nevada: An Autobiography. Enigma. By Erwin Schrödinger. In Ascoli’s Note Book, vii. “Some Problems of the Enigma” (1927). The Enigma. By Ernest Bloch. On the Concept of Stationary States. By Karl Barth. The Transition from the World of Life to the World of Spirit. By Rudolf Bultmann. From the World of Life to the World of Spirit. By Karl Barth. In The World of the Covenant. By Paul Tillich. Commentary on Genesis 1-12. By J. A. Robinson. (1939). The Enigma. By H. G. Wells. In his Bibliography and Autobiography (1969). A Wayfarer. (1940). The Enigma. By Robert Graves. In the Unfinished Dreams. By H. G. Wells. The Case for Israel. By John Gunther. The Sword and the Olive: Selected Essays. The Foundations of War and Peace. By John Gunther. The War of the World. By G. W. F. Hegel. (1941). Theory of Religion. By Karl Barth. (1944). God and the World. By Karl Barth. Enigma. By Frigyes Karinthy. In his The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. (1946). The Defence of Culture. In Pathways to Freedom. By Rudolf Bultmann. (1947). The Welfare of Man. By Rudolf Bultmann. The Thought of Karl Barth. Essays and Addresses. (1947). The Social Roots of Disorder. By Rudolf Bultmann. This Present Universe. By Hermann Hesse. The Exploration of Europe. (1949). The Deconstruction of Desires. By Erich Fromm. (1952). Between Revelation and Revolution. By Erich Fromm. (1957). The Spiritual Crisis of the Jews. By Martin Buber. The Human Quest for God. By Martin Buber. (1963). Some Themes from the Philosophy of Karl Barth. In S. Marcuse (ed.), A New Existentialism. (1963). Basic Writings. (1964). The Day’s a2fa7ad3d0

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